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Ultrasound Curriculum for Family Medicine Residency

REC1 (45) - Hoss - ultrasound
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Project Title: Ultrasound Curriculum for Family Medicine Residency Authors: Molly Hoss, MD

Program: University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Abstract: Ultrasound is becoming an important tool in family medicine. The UCFMR found a need for a formal ultrasound curriculum. A survey of residents showed 100% wanted more training. Objectives for the curriculum were developed with AAFP guidelines for POCUS. The curriculum consisted of a flipped classroom model with a five-minute video one week before didactics. The didactics was split into 20 minutes of lecture and 40 minutes of hands-on training. Compared to before the curriculum, residents had improved confidence with ultrasound basics and improved confidence in knowing indications for ultrasound. All respondents felt they would use ultrasound more in the future, and all respondents indicated the curriculum was beneficial to their residency training. New training has helped family medicine residents develop confidence and mastery of ultrasound. Next steps would include training faculty in ultrasound, evaluating for competence, create an ultrasound elective, and incorporate ultrasound in resident rotations.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to… • Establish importance of ultrasound in family medicine • Describe ways to implement an ultrasound curriculum • Identify benefit of ultrasound curriculum in FM residency

Category: Resident education/curriculum

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