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Preliminary Study to Determine if a Handout on Hypertension Improved Patient Knowledge and Blood...

PC2 (25) - Baxter - hypertension
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Project Title: Preliminary Study to Determine if a Handout on Hypertension Improved Patient Knowledge and Blood Pressure Control

Authors: Kelly Baxter, MD; Theodore Bross III, MD; Kate Weniger, DO

Program: St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency

Description: This study was designed to determine if brief patient education on modifiable lifestyle factors in a clinic setting helped improve patient knowledge, blood pressure control, and patient perceived benefit. The results of this study support our effort to increase access to integrative education tools within our clinic.

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To determine if integrative education on hypertension using brief (<5 min) education and a supplemental handout is associated with improved blood pressure control, quiz scores, and patient perceived benefit. STUDY DESIGN: Clinic patients 18 years or older with a diagnosis of hypertension and blood pressure >130/80 were asked to take a pre-test and were provided standardized education. A post-test and repeat blood pressure were obtained at a subsequent visit. Educational topics included diagnosis, monitoring, risk factors, complications, diet, exercise, tobacco cessation, sleep, and mindfulness. RESULTS: Mean changes in test scores and blood pressure were pooled and analyzed and showed improvement of both data points. Patients endorsed perceived improvement of blood pressure control from this education. CONCLUSIONS: Clinic-based brief integrative education with a supplemental patient handout resulted in improved test scores and was associated with subjective and objectively improved blood pressure control.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to… • identify if handouts and focused teaching helped patients understand hypertension and integrative management. • identify if blood pressure control improved after education. • identify if patient's thought this education helped them improve their blood pressure control.

Category: Preventative care

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