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Mobile health interventions in underserved populations: a medical scoping review

MH1 (49) - Bealer - mhealth
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Project Title: Mobile health interventions in underserved populations: a medical scoping review. Authors: Andrew Glerum, MS3; Ryan Henschell, MS3; Joshua Calvano, MS3; Kameron Black, MS3; Edwin Fundingsland, MS3; Joseph Fike, MS3; Brandon Bealer, MS3; Regan Stiegmann, DO; Cole Zanetti, DO; Rocky Vista University College of Medicine Shuhan He, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital

School: Rocky Vista University

Abstract: There is growing interest and pressure to incorporate emerging digital technologies into healthcare, with the practice of medicine rising to meet the needs of new and traditionally underserved patient populations. The purpose of this scoping review is to identify the efficacy of mHealth for improving patient outcomes, particularly in underserved populations. This review also seeks to identify gaps in current literature to guide future inquiry and study design. Our team of researchers performed a scoping review of 25 articles. We found that adoption of mobile technologies was associated with improvements in many healthcare metrics including patient education, disease prevention, medication compliance, outcomes of chronic diseases, and screening rates with marked utility in resource-poor populations of high-income countries. Though mHealth remains in the early stages of development and there is need for further research and standardization of information, it has already proven to be a uniquely effective, low-cost strategy for implementing and managing care between patient and provider.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to… • Identify the important role that mobile health can play in educating, treating, and assisting undeserved populations.

• Identify areas in mobile health research needing increased testing and utilization to determine benefit. • Identify the limitations involved with mobile health that could prevent under-served populations from benefiting from this type of service.

Category: Mobile Health

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