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CAFMR offers a New Faculty Development Program for CAFMR faculty with less than three years of experience in a core faculty role at a family medicine residency. Participants from our core programs and Rural Training Tracks learn the basics of teaching, evaluating, and mentoring residents while getting to know faculty from other residency programs and experiencing active learning methods. 

2023-2024 Workshop Schedule: 

1st workshop

October 30, 2023

2nd workshop

January 29, 2024

3rd workshop

April 1, 2024

4th workshop

May 20, 2024

Learning Goals

  1. Utilize the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes to successfully teach and assess Family Medicine residents in a variety of clinical and didactic settings.

  2. Successfully meet minimum requirements to participate in scholarly activity within their program.

  3. Utilize resilience skills and techniques to promote well-being, resiliency, and satisfaction within their career.

  4. Recognize and utilize state and national resources available to Family Medicine residency faculty.

  5. Receive support from a network of faculty members from different programs.

  6. Explain and follow basic ACGME faculty requirements.

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