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Collaboration in Colorado

In Colorado, three organizations work together to ensure excellence in family medicine education through a network collaboration across the 10 Family Medicine Residencies, 4 Rural Training Tracks, and 11+ Rural Rotation Sites.

Colorado Association of Family Medicine Residencies (CAFMR)

CAFMR provides a forum for program directors to share best practices, problem-solve, and receive advice and professional support from one another. The Association participates in collaborative recruiting with its staff and board, and also shares in residency projects.

The Commission on Family Medicine (COFM)

The Commission on Family Medicine (COFM) strengthens the training of family physicians in Colorado. Established in 1977 by the Colorado state legislature, this advisory board provides recommendations to ensure strong training programs and the placement of well-qualified family physicians in rural and underserved areas of the state. The board is composed of the deans of Colorado’s two medical schools, directors of the family medicine residencies, Governor-appointed citizens from the seven congressional districts, and a representative from the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians. Through the Commission, the state legislature provides funding to support the education of family physicians, including the core residency programs, required rural rotations, rural training tracks, and loan repayment.

The Commission on Family Medicine is also committed to reforming the Medicare GME (graduate medical education) payment system. More information is available on the GME Initiative website (

Colorado Institute of Family Medicine (CIFM)

The Colorado Institute of Family Medicine (CIFM) includes community leaders to expand financial support for family medicine residency training. The Institute also obtains grant funds to strengthen family medicine residency training in Colorado, and develops projects to strengthen primary care in the state. 


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