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The Rocky Mountain Research Forum is a forum for residents, faculty, and staff from Colorado’s Family Medicine residencies to present scholarly activities and learn about innovation in primary care and conducting research and Quality Improvement projects. Scholarly activities suitable for presentation include original research projects, QI projects, curriculum development projects, case reports, and literature reviews.

Friday May 21st, 2021

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Westin Westminster

10600 Westminster Blvd

Westminster, CO 80020

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After undergoing a rigorous review process, the Research Forum will be featuring scholarly work products submitted from residents, faculty, and staff across Colorado's Family Medicine residencies affiliated with the Colorado Association of Family Medicine Residencies. Click here for a full list of final abstracts for Shark Tank Presentations, Oral Presentations, and Poster Presentations being featured this year. 


“Family Medicine Revolution: How Being a Nerd Can Be Heroic and Fuel Change”


Family Physician, Executive, Change Agent

Chief Medical Officer, Share Our Selves

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Title: Creating a Weight Loss Clinic in a Primary Care Setting: Effectiveness and Patient Outcomes

Authors: Kelly Baxter, MD (PGY3); Kelsey Sherman, MD (PGY3); Krystal Tamura, MD (Faculty)

Program: St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency

Description: We created a weight loss clinic within a primary care setting that offered medication management and extensive diet and lifestyle counseling to our patients. This project tracks the weight loss outcomes, effectiveness of various treatment interventions, and follow up metrics of our patients.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Title: Nar(can) We Decrease Opioid Related Deaths? A Chronic Opioid QI Project

Authors: Kelley Collier, MD; Sydney Davis, MD; Eric Kim, MD; Franklin Niblock MD, MPH; Lauren Oberle, MD; Alexandra Targan, MD; Sami Hourieh MS4; Corey Lyon, DO; Aimee English, MD; Kathy Cebuhar, MA

Program: University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Description: This was a clinic-wide quality improvement project targeting patients on more than 50 MME. Residents, faculty, and staff at a residency clinic used EMR tools and created workflow patterns using a team-based approach to lead to safer prescribing of opioids.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Title: Increasing Resident Readiness to Incorporate Intimate Partner Violence Screening in Primary Care Prenatal Visits

Authors: Sarah C. Van Gaasbeek, MD; Ben Smith, MD; Jen Johns, LCSW CACII EMDR Trained Clinician; Kelly Mimier M.Ed

Program: Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency

Description: During pregnancy, the risk of intimate partner violence increases. Homicide is the second leading cause of death in pregnant women.  The purpose of this project was to provide a template that taught first year residents how to screen for intimate partner violence in line with guidelines from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Results showed improved confidence and ease with intimate partner violence screening!

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Recognition: John Miller, MD Honorary Lecture for Establishing the Rocky Mountain Research Forum
Tamaan Osbourne-Roberts, MD FAAFP DiplABLM

Iora Primary Care

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Oral A Title: Creating an FM Residency Program Research Group for an International COVID-19 Treatment Research Study

Authors: Sharry Veres, MD, MHSA; Beth Groff, MD; Hailey Holland, MD

Program: St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency

Description: Community-based family medicine residency program creates a research group for an international COVID-10 treatment research group study.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral B Title: Resident Wellness: More Than Tacos and Margaritas

Authors: Danielle Lattes, DO; Kristen Beikirch, MD; Lynn Stiff, MD, RD, MS; Michele Alba, MD; Josh Fischer, MD, PhD

Program: North Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Description: Infusing skill development and a cultural shift of wellness within medicine into a family medicine residency program to reinvigorate a wellness committee, creating a longitudinal curriculum of wellness workshops and developing a culture of well-being and growth.

Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral C Title: Creation of a Novel Physician Well-Being Fellowship

Authors: Matthew "Robbie" Martin, MD; Nida Awadallah, MD; Brian Bacak, MD

Program: University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Description: The physician burnout crisis negatively affects every aspect of healthcare and has only been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating meaningful change to promote physician well-being requires a specific knowledge base and skillset. This talk explores the creation of a new, evidence-based, cutting-edge fellowship designed to equip new graduates with the expertise to champion physician well-being promotion in diverse settings.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral D Title: A Case of Pneumonia in Pregnancy Identified with Point-of-care Ultrasound

Authors: Casey Whipple, MD; Nichole Thorne, MD; Laurel Dang, MD; Carmen Vandal, MD

Program: Swedish Family Medicine Residency

Description: Use of ultrasound has become increasingly common for evaluation at the point-of-care.  This is particularly advantageous in pregnancy, where there is a risk of teratogenic effects from modalities that involve ionizing radiation.  We present a case of pneumonia identified in a pregnant patient using point-of-care ultrasound.

Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral E Title: The Impact of Comorbidities on Maternal Mortality in Black Women

Authors: Erin Liedtke BS, Lauren Rhoades MD, Charity Lehn MD

Program: University of Colorado School of Medicine ***Undergraduate Student Submission

Description: Black women die in childbirth at a rate 4 times higher than white women, across all socioeconomic classes. Research is limited but indicates that black women with medical comorbidities have higher mortality rates than their white counterparts with those same comorbidities. Current research points to provider bias and systemic racism as the larger causes of these elevated mortality rates in Black women. 

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral F Title: A Demographic and Regional Comparison of Opioid Use Within Communities in the United States

Authors: Brian Pringle, BS; Devin Monroe, MS; Jordan Wilkes, BS; Jessica Montalban, MS; Isain Zapata, PhD; Adela Miller, DO; David Ross, DO

Program: Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine ***Medical Student Submission

Description: A novel study utilizing publicly available data to explore the opioid epidemic by region and community population-size within the United States. By combining Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project data detailing opioid-related hospital visitation with data from the United States Census Bureau, the study provides a region-specific investigation into how opioid-related hospitalization is associated with population density and other demographic factors. 

Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral G Title: Gaps in Care: Increasing Colon Cancer Screening Rates at an Urban FQHC

Authors: Sean Buck, MD; Thomas Staff, MD, MPH; Katharine Kelly, MD; Raeanna Simcoe, MD; Allison Johnson, MD; Jessica Bull, MD; Swetha Iruku, MD, MPH; Riley Smith, MD

Program: University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency, Denver Health

Description: Despite being the 2nd leading cause of cancer death the United States, colorectal cancer rates at our urban FQHC are low. We identified patients who qualified for screening and designed a workflow to outreach patients that relied primarily on medical assistants. We aim to increase cancer screening rates amongst our vulnerable population through effective active outreach strategies.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral H Title: Improving Nutrition and Activity Counseling through Templating

Authors: Travis McCubbin, DO; Benjamin Smith, MD

Program: Fort Collins Family Medicine Residency

Description: As part of a larger pediatric templating initiative, we implemented prompts to include discussion of diet and activity within the context of routine pediatric appointments. This correlates with a marked increase in the rates of provider documentation of such counseling as demonstrated by pre- and post-intervention quality metrics.

Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral I Title: Community Engagement in Research Recruitment: Strategies Developed for a Diabetes Education and Support Intervention for Rural Communities

Authors: Shawnecca Burke, MD; Zittleman L; Curcija K; Litchman M; Cabrera B; Carpio B; Huss K; Johnson M; Rodriguez M; Stromberger J; Oser T

Program: University of Colorado, Morgan County Rural Training Track

Description: This project demonstrates how community members can be involved in the design and adaptation of the recruitment process in a research study for a diabetes program in rural communities. The qualitative results gathered that focused on recruitment were then utilized in the design of a diabetes self-management intervention in Fort Morgan and Yuma, Colorado.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral J Title: Promoting PROMOTE: Expanding OMT for OB Patients in a Residency Clinic

Authors: Trista Hughes, DO, MPH; Jacob Anderson, DO

Program: Southern Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Description: A Quality Improvement (QI) project designed to increase Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) for OB patients within a residency clinic. Our results showed a statistically significant increase in number of OB patients receiving OMT, as well as total number visits that OMT was performed during pregnancy episodes.

Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral K Title: Nourish a New You: Weight Loss Group Visits in a Family Medicine Residency

Authors: Krystal Tamura, MD

Program: St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency

Description: The development of a weight loss group visit curriculum in a family medicine residency to provide in-depth education on nutrition, activity, and mindset around eating habits and weight.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral L Title: We Can Do Better than "Fake it ‘til you Make it" - A DEI Literacy Faculty Survey to Guide Future Education and Training

Authors: Charity Lehn, MD; Heather Bleacher, MD MPH; Lakshmi Karra, MD MS

Program: University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency, Denver Health

Description: In 2020, the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency identified the need for improved residency faculty training and competence around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). In response, UCFMR faculty members formed a working group to design and implement faculty training in these areas. Our group’s first step was to create a survey to assess our current state. Our survey results identified areas of strength as well as opportunities for further training. We also identified the most common barriers faculty members face that prevent further engagement in health equity and anti-racism work. Our group is using the survey results to create an action plan, including faculty development sessions and retreat activities.

Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral M Title: Empowering Behavior Change with Lifestyle Medicine

Authors: Lynn Stiff, MD, RD, MS; Alexandra Lessem, FNP, DNP

Program: North Colorado Family Medicine Residency

Description: Learn about the up and coming field of Lifestyle Medicine and to use trained providers and facilitators to educate patients to empower themselves towards a healthier lifestyle.

Presentation Material: Download Here


Oral N Title: Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case Report

Authors: Danielle Eves, MD; Lindsay Ogle, MD; Mark Cianfichi, DO; Julienne Bemski, DO

Program: Swedish Family Medicine Residency

Description: This is a case report of a 38 year old G4P2012 who presented emergently after a witnessed syncopal event at work. Her evaluation yielded a diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy embedded within the anterior uterine scar from a previous cesarean section. After thorough discussion of options, she elected to pursue a novel treatment approach with intramuscular methotrexate plus ultrasound-guided injection of methotrexate into the fetal pole, resulting in successful treatment of the ectopic pregnancy.


Presentation Material: Download Here

Oral O Title: Changes in Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship Curriculum due to COVID-19 Mandated Restrictions on High School and NCAA Division II Athletics

Authors: Mark Wisthoff, DO; Bobby Petro, DO; Benjamin Fetter, ATC

Program: St. Anthony North Family Medicine Residency

Description: Implementation of a weekly journal club, weekly board question review, quarterly sports medicine virtual lecture series, and ultrasound practical to determine if in-training exam scores improved and if the changes are sustainable once sporting event coverage restrictions are lifted.

Presentation Material: Download Here

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